How to save your toilet from poor water quality?

  1. 6.25.2019
  2. by : admin
What is the most worrying issue about buying toilets? Constant leaking of water? Push button malfunction? Incomplete flushing? Water intake is too slow? These are the most common complaints today. The cause of this is due to poor water quality where fine sand & sludge flows in together wi

Asia’s Leading Kitchen & Bath Trade Show

  1. 5.29.2019
  2. by : admin
Dear Friends: Kitchen & Bath China (KBC) has been a powerful and Asia’s most influential trade show that provided opportunities to many interested in the latest trends in Built-in Sanitary Equipment, Toilet Flush Valves, and Toilet Tank Fittings. Here I had great news to share with you. Thanks t

How to Replacement a Toilet Flush Valve From HTD Manufacturers

  1. 1.5.2018
  2. by : admin
Tools you’ll need to fix a toilet flush valve: Replacement Toilet Flush Valve Channel-Locking Pliers Replacement Flapper Sponge Towels Bucket Penetrating Oil Large Slotted Screwdriver Plumber’s Wrench Disabling the Water Supply Firstly, remove the  tank lid from your toilet tank, enable you t


  1. 12.24.2017
  2. by : admin
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It’s convenient to spread holiday cheer by MSN, Facebook, message etc. However, if you write a Christmas card greeting for family, close friends or your partner, the best way is by sending Christmas cards with your own handwriting. Follow the steps as below to cr

Bidets Make A Great Thanksgiving Day’s Gift

  1. 11.21.2017
  2. by : admin
It’s true that bidets make a great gift for the holiday especially the thanksgiving day. Maybe You have known about all the benefits of the bidet attachment and bidet seats, but it’s also  with the competitive prices but superior quality that make it a perfect gift for the holiday. With

Portable Travel Bidets–from HTD Bidet Buyer’s Guide

  1. 11.14.2017
  2. by : admin
      Most of  people want to buy a Portable Travel Bidet. But Where do I start? HTD Portable travel bidets are great for those of us who wish we could take the benefits of our home bidets with us on the road.  It’s also convenient to use at home for persons with limited mobility or anyone tra

HTD Different Types of Toilet Flush Valves fits most modern toilets

  1. 10.21.2017
  2. by : admin
The HTD toilet flush valves send water out from the bathroom toilet tank directly from the building water plumbing while if not a toilet cistern into the bathroom toilet bowl below to flush waste into the building drain system.HTD Toilet flush valves are available in completely different sizes Bathr

HTD Bidet Attachment Lighting your Healthy Life– An Unexpected Gift For Modern Society

  1. 10.20.2017
  2. by : admin
Bidets basin and bidet attachments are considered that the most exceptional and surprising gift for contemporary society. Daily use of this appliance is awfully effectual in decrease the spread of tract infections that almost all area that sensitive, especially for the sentient, they’re a hug

Why not replace dual flush valve for saving water but much cleaner?

  1. 9.27.2017
  2. by : admin
Toilet flush valves are around us for years, however what’s the difference between on a single flush valve and dual flush valve parts? Before we tend to start the topic ,Pls thought of the our surroundings, and we always ignore that it is becoming more and more longer dry periods all over th

Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running — by HTD Toilet Repair Tutor

  1. 9.18.2017
  2. by : admin
  Toilet Running Continuously or Making Hissing Noise:Fix toilet problems with HTD toilet fill valve parts You’re sitting on the couch at home,watch a show along with your family, however you retain finding yourself distracted. What is that noise and comes from where? You check around you

HTD Toilet Cistern Spare Parts – Should you have them for replacement or repairing toilet ?

  1. 9.16.2017
  2. by : admin
Many of Our Customer often confuse with this topic:How to choose branded toilet tank parts for replacement and repairing toilets? When it comes with the topic that necessary to upgrade your bathroom cistern or purchase new cistern elements to replace and repair the broken toilet tank parts, you will

With HTD Bidet Toilet Attachment,to save water,toilet paper,trees and the world .

  1. 9.12.2017
  2. by : admin
Congratulations to you, bidet user, for you’ve determined that saving water, saving trees and saving bathroom toilet papers are all things price worth doing by using your bidet toilet attachment! There has been increasing talks regarding what bidets attachment are and the way Eco-friendly they will

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