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Dear Friends:

We will going to have live online during canton fair on 17th and 27th June. If you are interested, please subscribe me. And please feel free have our E-catalog in our website.

Live Show Time: June 17th and 27th,2020(CN3:00AM TO 15:00PM)

Live Show on

More information about us, follow along from home at our website.HTD Category at this show including:

Toilet Parts:Toilet Flush Valve,Toilet Fill Valve,Toilet Flush Button,Tank Lever,Toilet Repair Kits

Toilet Bidet Attachment:Cold Water Bidet,Cold and Hot Water Bidet,Bidet Seats,Portable Bidet.

Be a part of the change! Take action to make a better living. HTD toilet tank repair parts can make your bathroom better and better.

Don’t hesitate to contact with us. Come on and Join us.

Contact Sally :+8613502635301/+86-768-2802665



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