Why not replace dual flush valve for saving water but much cleaner?

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Toilet flush valves are around us for years, however what’s the difference between on a single flush valve and dual flush valve parts?
Before we tend to start the topic ,Pls thought of the our surroundings, and we always ignore that it is becoming more and more longer dry periods all over the world , we tend to flush our toilet which waste a lot of water resources. With the appearing of toilet dual flush valve parts,Currently things are completely different.
So currently we’d like to assume, do I still use 9 litres of water down the bathroom toilet every time when i am going to the toilet? or do i need to choose the best one to fits my toilet and save more water resources and save more dollars .

With old flapper valve or ballcock valve parts, single flush valves ,why not to have an alternative,?The toilet bowl required clearing every time, we tend to push the toilet tank lever!

Now we’ve got another choices,just by fitting your toilet with HTD Dual flush Valve, Like Series AA,AB,AG,AH,with different height available for your toilet, at the meanwhile,you’ve got the flush volume adjustable ,with half flush and full flush ,flexibility to press for a half flush for liquid waste or a full flush for solid waste. The most advanced flush valves like HTD toilet tank valve parts even provide you with the ability to set the two completely different flush levels to make sure you’re waste a lot of water than you are actually no needed to.

For the dual flush valve replacement ,with DIY easy installaton and easy control ,you get a chrome plated dual flush button to push that’s split into two parts,one for small flush, and one for big flush. with differnet shape to choose, last but not least,which enough to show our youngsters how to conserve water,to save our planet.this is the most importance for everyone to do that.


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 AA023+B3-28+C4821  AG022+B4-28+C4821  AB020+B3-28+C4821  AH021+B4-28+C4821

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