Bidets Are More Hygienic, Visit HTD Website

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With HTD Bidet Toilet Attachment are more hygienic  than using the dry toilet paper to cleaning yourself or even the little baby.  Water cleansing is simple and there’s less likelihood of  spreading bacteria. The HTD hot and cold water bidet’s gentle for cleansing, water provides relief to individuals full of the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, kids birth and to those recovering from surgery. For additional inforegarding the advantages of a bidet attachment, or to view a large choice of  HTD bidet ,Pls Click here to know more about us and our bidet products.

The HTD Bidet can be installed quickly. In most cases, it’ll just take you 15 minutes at your convenient. this is often as a result of coz that  you have got to try and do is use a screwdriver to put their assembly parts together. It doesn’t need you to own electricity close to your bathroom. As an extra bonus, everything you would like to put in it’s within the box once it ships to  you, except the screwdriver.

It is compatible on all bathroom toilet bowl seats to upgrade your bathroom is less complicated than ever. All that you just ought to increase your bathroom on the far side the attachment could be a water system line. From there, it’ll use water pressure alone to make sure that you’re feeling fresh.

With this HTD-CB1000, you’re in complete management your cleaning among different people,like the female ,male,kids,the seniors, you’ll be able to dial and select from a mild cleansing or incresed pressure. you’ll be able to use a mild spray to clean after the eliminating urine or a more powerful spray after a bowel movement,You get to decide on.Welcome to visit it with your curiosity.
Advantage of Using HTD Bidet Toilet Attachment:

  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Single Nozzle Cleaning
  • DIY easy installation

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    • Bidets Are More Hygienic, Visit HTD Website
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