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HTD Plumbing Parts Factory
HTD® is one of the leader brand in the world when it comes to toilet repair products . In fact, our products are found in more toilets than all other brands combined. Our complete line of toilet repair products include fill valves, flappers, single and dual flush valves, tank levers, toilet wax, repair kits, water supply lines and other plumbing products. HTD® products can be found in toilet brands like Grohe,Doris,American Standard,Doris,Karat Etc. These premier global toilet manufacturers depend on our products to enable their toilets to function best and they depend on HTD how to continuously introduce innovative products that make servicing their toilets as easy as possible.
  Founded For more than 16 years by Chen Feng, HTD has been at the forefront of the toilet care market by providing innovative but easy-to-use products that are of the highest quality. Moreover, HTD is the most recognized and preferred brand of toilet parts products for professional plumbers and global toilet manufacturers.  

The History of HTD

  • toilet tank parts kit
    Launched Series G Flush Valve&3''Toilet Flush Valve ,Design Delay action fuctions in fill valve for water saving.
  • Imported the ERP(Enterprise Management System )and upgrated to U8 Version.
  • The Second Branch Factory was put into production,called Guangdong HTD Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • Joined in formulating the National Standard GB/T 26750-2011.
  • Imported the Quality Management System ISO9001:2008,and Approved successfully by CQM-QCC.
  • The Production Base was founded,named Chaozhou Jicheng Plastic Electronic Co.,Ltd.

Products Recommended

  • Toilet Repair Kits
  • Toilet Fill Valve
  • Portable Bidet
  • Fresh Water Spray Non-electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat

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