Asia’s Leading Kitchen & Bath Trade Show in 2021

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On May 26-29, our team flew to Shanghai to participate in the 26st Kitchen & Bath China (KBC). It’s a powerful and Asia’s most influential trade show, it provided opportunities to those interested in the latest trends in Built-in Sanitary Equipment, Toilet Flush Valves, and Toilet Tank Fittings.

Thank our customers for visiting our booth E2D88.

Our products at this show including:

Toilet Parts: Toilet Flush Valve,Toilet Fill Valve,Toilet Flush Button

Toilet Bidet Attachment: Cold Water Bidet,Cold and Hot Water Bidet, Bidet Seats, Portable Bidet.

New Products: 

Automatic Incineration Toilet, automatic incineration and cleaning system for the dirt in the isolation room, high temperature sterilization, truly no contact.It can be used in high-speed railways, airplanes, ships, RVs, nursing homes and other places. It does not need a sewage system, and it can be used only by plugging in electricity.

Intelligent Toilet Lifter, adopts an electric lifting system to solve the problem of getting up and squatting in the toilet. The armrest integrates a lifting button and an SOS one-key emergency call button. It can be used in nursing homes. It is easier for elderly people with mobility issues to sit on the toilet


And we also have some new products about Toilet Seat Cover.

Following I’ll show you some photos taken at the scene.


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