Bidets Make A Great Thanksgiving Day’s Gift

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It’s true that bidets make a great gift for the holiday especially the thanksgiving day. Maybe You have known about all the benefits of the bidet attachment and bidet seats, but it’s also  with the competitive prices but superior quality that make it a perfect gift for the holiday. With our prices ranging from $10 to $50+, a bidet can fit any budget.

In many different areas ,bathroom techniques and procedures aren’t talked about publicly, but we want to change that. At ,we want to remove the ‘shyness’ of discussing how we go to the bathroom and how to wash our private area with bidet . It should be a hot topic we can be comfortable with and speak openly about that. We have sold bidets with 14 years experience as gifts where the individuals were sure how the receiver was going to react. And we admit that some did end up thinking it might have been a joke. But after the individuals actually installed and tried the bidets they loved it. Some even stated that it’s the best gift they’ve ever received than other gifts.

Thanksgiving Day Gifts come in all sizes ,shapes and rices. Often gifts are opened and then never used, but with a HTD bidet that will never be like the case . A bidet gift that will be used over and over again, and every time your recipient uses the HTD bidet they will fondly think of you and appreciate your gift.

HTD Bidets come in all price ranges, and some of the cheaper models offer the latest in technology as far as the features are concerned. These inexpensive models still work great though, and do what they are intended to do which is clean your backside and nether regions thoroughly while being incredibly gentle and soothing at the same time.

Some of those expensive bidets include a wide range of functions that make themselves to be the perfect Thanksgiving Day gift, even for someone who seems to have everything. There are both hot&cold water and cold water models, and all of these are non-electric models can be more costly but they also offer a larger selection of features to choose from but most important that safety for the elders ,children,pregnant to use. These available features that you will find on different bidet models include:

  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Feminine wash
  • Self cleaning nozzles
  • Dual / Single Cleaning Nozzles
  • DIY Easy Installation
 HTD bidet gift
HTD Non-Electric Bidet Fresh Hot Cold Water Dual Nozzle Toilet Seat Attachment USA HTD Non-Electric Attachable Bidet System in White HTD Non-Electric Bidet Seat Elongated Toilet White Dual Nozzle Built-In Side Lever

Some of these features can only be found on the top of the line most expensive models, but some can be found on those with lower prices as well. Think about the recipient who will receive a bidet from you for the Thanksgiving Day, and consider which features they may need or would want. Even a basic model non electric HTD bidet can help with hygiene and soothe so it is will be appreciated.

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