Portable Travel Bidets–from HTD Bidet Buyer’s Guide

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Most of  people want to buy a Portable Travel Bidet. But Where do I start?

HTD Portable travel bidets are great for those of us who wish we could take the benefits of our home bidets with us on the road.  It’s also convenient to use at home for persons with limited mobility or anyone travel anywhere you can just take it with you ,that’s okay . The most popular types of travel bidets are no needed battery-powered, blue plastic units that are compact enough to be gripped by people of all ages.  You simply fill the reservoir with cold or warm water from a tap and you’re ready to use it.  No more need for toilet paper even when you’re away from home. Feel fresh and clean anywhere, anytime! It is amazing ,alright? Maybe you can like it .

HTD Portable hand held bidet HTD hand bidet sprayer HTD BIDET SPRAY

How do I choose which one is right for me?

After much research and market survey, we found one to be the most effective:

 Many travel bidets are sold under different names, but their functions remain the same.  The HTD-PB Series comes with two wash speeds for those who like a choice, two nozzles, and a 1 year warranty.  With 4 choice of volumes ,PB300ML,PB380ML,PB450ML,PB650ML,three colors,white,blue,red. So now you won’t worry to travel long distances again as the personal bidet from HTD handheld bidet sprayer will be your potty buddy.

This personal hygiene refresher is essentially a mobile toilet for your personal needs. 

But there are so many brands available online, how do I choose the most reliable?

So Luckily for you, we did the hard work for dear you. The HTD travel bidet is backed by an established name in the industry – not just your average dealer printing their own labels.  Watch out for these cheaper models often found on auction sites. Know More Details,Pls Click Here:Portable Bidets.

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