How to save your toilet from poor water quality?

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How_to_Clean_a_Toilet_Tank What is the most worrying issue about buying toilets? Constant leaking of water? Push button malfunction? Incomplete flushing? Water intake is too slow? These are the most common complaints today.
water-cleaning The cause of this is due to poor water quality where fine sand & sludge flows in together with the water supply. Over time, the fine sand and sludge will fully cover the filter in the fill valve causing less water to flow through it or to a very serious extend, no water can get through the fill valve at all.
how-to-clean-the-HTD-filter Regular disassembling of the inlet valve & cleaning can solve this issue. However, can anyone just disassemble the fill valve & wash it? Such disassembling and cleaning is just too inconvenient

HTD has just the right solution for you. With 16 years experience in manufacturing WC flush fittings & extensive investment in Research & Development, HTD has once again introduced a ground breaking technology, specifically the HTD self-cleaning inlet valve. There is no longer the need to disassemble and clean the inlet valve.

self-cleaning-fill-valve Through this new invention, the fine sand and sludge will be separated through a spin-type water flow when it enters the fill valve and these impurities will then be channelled into the water tank to be discharged into the pan when a normal flushing takes place.
HTD-TOILET-FITTING-FACTORY Only at HTD can such revolutionary invention be made possible. Goodbye to regular cleaning of inlet valve & low water intake.

Say YES to HTD self-cleaning valve now & Say YES to convenience.

Order HTD now for convenience & worry no more!!!

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