Asia’s Leading Kitchen & Bath Trade Show

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Dear Friends:

Kitchen & Bath China (KBC) has been a powerful and Asia’s most influential trade show that provided opportunities to many interested in the latest trends in Built-in Sanitary Equipment, Toilet Flush Valves, and Toilet Tank Fittings.

Here I had great news to share with you. Thanks to our HTD consumer to visit our booth E2D88 in Shanghai Kitchen & Bath China (KBC). More information about us, follow along from home at our website.HTD Category at this show including:

Toilet Parts:Toilet Flush Valve,Toilet Fill Valve,Toilet Flush Button,Tank Lever,Toilet Repair Kits

Toilet Bidet Attachment:Cold Water Bidet,Cold and Hot Water Bidet,Bidet Seats,Portable Bidet.

Be a part of the change! Take action to make a better living. HTD toilet tank repair parts can make your bathroom better and better.

Don’t hesitate to contact with us. Come on and Join us.

Welcome to meet us in KBC.
Booth number: E2D88
Date: May 27-30th
Contact Sally :+8613502635301/+86-768-2802665



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