Congratulations to HTD with happy ending on 2017 Vietbuild International Construction Exhibition

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Congratulations to HTD with happy ending on 2017 Vietbuild International Construction Exhibition.

The annual fair in Vietnam,HO CHI MINH CITY, which boasts a large Vietbuild International Construction Exhibition from  Sept. 27th to Oct.1st, 2017.  Our HTD Customers in the local market coming soon and have a pleasant talk with our professional sales ,not only give us more feedback about the toilet tank parts product and the needs of market but also provides great help and one-stop service for HTD,so many thanks for these our dear customers and friends.We’re family !

We HTD ,this time took more time to have a visit to the local sanitary ware factory ,with our new products ,includes anti-syphon toilet fill valve parts,water-saving toilet flush valve parts,toilet repair kits with different height lever and adjustable the overflow pipe.Even the toilet bidet attachment,toilet seat bidet,with differnet shapes design to meet differnet countries’toilet bowl needs.V Shapes,O shapes ,D shapes. All about these we have a testing in the local market and sanitary ware factory ,can be fitted in most toilets ,high level toilet tank or lower toilet tank,V shapes toilet bowl ,or D shape ,O shapes bowl .

More than others, the Bidet Seats with O shapes and Series EB Bidet Attachment,it is well received and getting more popular with the attendants and customers.Look at the Vedio about the EB 7501,this time the hot sellings products.maybe you will like it,know more about bidet attachment details and benifits for your family and  others,Pls Click here:


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