Push Button Front Mount Flush Lever With Chrome Plated

Top Mount Single Flush Toilet Cistern Push Button

C3810A/C3810B Features:

    • Diameter:38mm
    • Mode:Single Flush
    • User friendly design,Soft hand feeling.
    • Pushing rod available at different length.
    • Material: ABS and POM,304 stainless steel ,Chrome Plated finished.
    • Easy access for maintenance,DIY easy installation.
    • Suitable for flapper flush valve with a chain.
    • Suitable for plastic and ceramic toilet cisterns with a lid hole dia.38mm

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replace toilet fill valve


toilet button single flush


cistetn toilet push button


Position Top Mounted
Mode Single Flush 
Material ABS,Chrome Plated
Diameter 38mm
Rod Length Customized specifications are welcome
Application Toilet Flapper Flush Valve ,Toilet Float Valve ,One piece toilet,Two piece toilet
Packing 1) PE bag + carton , 2) As your request such as color box, blister.
Design 1) Free design as your idea  ,2) OEM & ODM service offered

toilet flapper valve single flush button


htd toilet push button


htd toilet tank flush lever

Single Action Toilet Flush Push Button Dia . 38Mm For Flapper Flush Valve

HTD toilet flush buttons is designed with special consideration to user experience. Wider operation area is provided for easy operation. Actuation force is minimized to create soft hand feeling. As the only part exposed to end user, it has absolutely higher requirements on the surface treatment.We offer OEM service to our customers. If you have an established brand, you can choose to have it laser etching on the push button.



  • User friendly design,Soft hand feeling.
  • Made from superior ABS and POM,304 stainless steel ,Chrome Plated finished.
  • Easy access for maintenance,DIY easy installation.
  • Pushing rod available at different length.
  • Fixing bracket is provided to ensure the pushing rod point at the right press button of flush valve when the rods are long.
  • Anti-slippery sheath is available to create bigger friction when rod tip contacts with press button of flush valve and avoid wrong operation.
  • Suitable for plastic and ceramic toilet cisterns with a lid hole dia.38mm
  • Suitable for flapper flush valve with a chain.

Trail order

Trial order is welcome. When you need to test the market and or test our quality in more comprehensive way than sample evaluation, you can place a trial order to us.

We don’t have a rigid regulation of the quantity of a trial order. We’re quite flexible on this point. Any quantity is workable as long as we have the parts of model in stock. Please consult our sales team for the availability.

The quality of the trial order is uniform to that of the mass production. It’s not special making and have to be the same quality level. It should not be higher than normal because we cannot reach it in mass production and it’s kind of cheat for customer. Meanwhile it should not be lower otherwise it cannot stand for our quality and customer don’t like this kind of surprise.



HTD have been working with world class brands and providing OEM service for 14 years. With modernized production facilities, advanced inspection equipments, mature production techniques, quality control strictly plan and well trained crew, our customers rest assured of consigning the OEM projects at our hand. Our sales team attentively listens to customers and positively feedback constructive suggestion from our engineers. We work together to bring a drawing or even a sketch to brand new commercialized goods.


Customer’s logo

If you want to have your own logo on the product, you can choose from laser etching, silk printing, adhesive label or mold carving.

Push button and tank lever are the parts exposed to end user. It’s the best place to show your logo or brand name. And the finish of these parts are chrome plated normally. Therefore, laser etching is the best match for this kind of silver finish surface. But please noted, the color of laser etching is always in grey.

If you’re selling the products to DIY markets and need to display the products on shelves, you may need to have the logo printed on the fill valve and / or flush valve, not only on the button or lever. You can consider to use silk printing, especially when you want to use vivid colors.

If you have higher requirements on the logo pattern and color combination, it’s better to choose the label. It’s color printed adhesive label in any pattern and size you need. Its disadvantage is also easy to see, it could not be long lasting.

The last frequently used way is mold carving. This is a permanent way to carry your logo on the product. But the MOQ will be higher than any other ways as it need to make some revision on the existing molds. Please remember not every position of the product could be carved with your logo. Only some positions is applicable. Please check with our sales team and get further help.



We provide free samples for trial and evaluation. For sample shipping cost, we leave it negotiable. There’re various ways to send you samples:

  1. Send it separately via. express like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc. This is the fast way.
  2. If the sample volume is big and you don’t have a tight schedule, we can ship it by air to the nearest airport to your place.
  3. If you have an agent or buying office in China mainland ,we can send the samples to them and they can combine with other samples for you together.
  4. If you have a shipment leaving China soon, you can send us the contacts of the factory and we will send samples to them to put in the container.

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