Replacing Anti-Siphon Water Saving Toilet Fill Valve

Replace Toilet Parts Tank Fittings Inlet Filling Valve

B4-28/B4-34 Features:

    • Material :POM
    • Refills quickly
    • Universal fit for 1 and 2 piece toilets
    • Corrosion-resistant material
    • Anti-siphon operation, code approved
    • Won't contaminate fresh water supply

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Fill Valve Parts


Toilet Parts Tank


  • Universal design, bottom entry, quiet water filling
  • Stable performance under different pressure ranges from 0.02~2.1Mpa
  • Anti-siphon structure,Height-adjustable
  • Universal fit for most types of toilets including Ideal Standard, Armitage Shanks, Roca and many more
Applicable Toilet Tank Height 190~355mm
Height-adjustable Range 190mm~355mm
Water Lever Range Model B4-28, 94mm~223mm,  Model:B3-34,158mm~290mm
Water Pressure 0.02~2.1Mpa
Shank Size G1/2”,G15/16”(Plastic or Brass Optional)
Packing Methods PE bag, Blister-package,white-box , color-box ,export carton or anyway you required




HTD New Design Toilet Push Button Dual Flush Cistern Syphon Fill Valve Bathroom Universal Kits,the fully tested HTD B4 Toilet Tank Fill Valve is the number one selling fill valve in the world. with height-adjustable to fit almost all toilet tanks like Kohler,Roca,American Standard toilets . It also has an anti-siphon design to prevent contamination of household drinking water. Replaces ballcock,Refills quickly, Universal fit for 1 and 2 piece toilets,Corrosion-resistant ABS material,100,000 life time tested ,with 5 years warranty and 14 years experience in the field of toilet tank parts.

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Model Download (Cut sheet) Latest Update
B4-28/B4-34 E-catalogue,Specification,Assembly Instruction Aug 30th,2017

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