Cold Nozzle Bathroom Bidet Toilet Attachable

Non Electric Cold Bidet Single Cleaning Toilet Attachment Spray

CB1000 Features:

    • D.I.Y. Installation
    • Non-Electric Cold Water Bidet
    • Non-Irritating Water Spraying Nozzle
    • Universal Toilet Bowl Seat Compatibility
    • Fits Virtually All Toilet Bowl Makes & Models
    • Designed for a Gentle & Efficient Hygiene Clean

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Q: Does your bidet attachment fix all the toilet?

A: There are 3 series fixing for different toilet shapes. Please check our form to find the suitable one or ask us for help.

Q: Do you have warranty?

A: Yes, we have 1 years warranty.

Q: How does it work with hot water while non-electronic?

A: Our bidet works without electronic. It just connects to water heater and get warm water from valves and the temperature could be turned to your most comfortable one.

Q:Am I using water from toilet water tank?

No. You are using fresh water tapped from your main water supply directly to the bidet water tank.

Q: Can I control the water temperature and pressure?

A: Absolutely, you have complete control over temperature and pressure.

Q: Can I control the seat temperature?

A: No. It is non electronic bidet, so the seat didn’t get power to become warm. 

Q: It is the nozzle easy to get dirty?

A: We design some items with self-cleaning function:

Cold water item EB7000, EB7501, EB7601,

Cold & warm water item CB2000, EB8000, EB8501, EB8601 .

Q: Are bidets hard to clean?

A: Not any harder to clean than a regular toilet. You can just washing it by water.

Q: Does clothes get wet when using?

A: No, we design the nozzle with different angle for rear washing, female washing.  It could just wash in proper position with a little water but will bring fresh and enjoyable experience.

Q: Is it hard to install the bidet?

No. They’re very easy to install and most of the time it will take less than 15 mins just follow our vedio. If you do find it difficult to install, you can always find a friend or a plumber to help you install it.



Model Download(Cut Sheet) Latest Update
CB1000 Specification,Assembly Instruction,E-CATALOG  Aug 22th,2017

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