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Remember that I read a report from BBC Radio before which topic about Bathroom “Embarrass” within the United Kingdom Northern Ireland has garnered somewhat additional attention than the alleged victim bargained for and is getting used as an example by authorities of what to not do.  The Devon and county Police in England received a telephone to their 999 emergency signal from a person who had run out of  loo paper.  That’s right – his/her lack of toilet issue prompted him to ask emergency for help, you’ll hear the recording here: 

Clearly the person didn’t have a bidet toilet seat and bathroom toilet bidet attachment  in his lavatory.  If he just had put in a bidet toilet seat with its cleansing spray of water ,then his agonizing expertise may are avoided. 

The operator couldn’t hide the disbelief in her voice that why they had dialed 999 for such a non-emergency reason, and to his credit the caller quickly apologized. however not before the decision was recorded.  The recording of the decision was announce by the police on YouTube as associate example of abuse of the emergency system.  Of course, many of us  don’t have toilet bidet seats will most likely relate to the sensation of panic the caller should have had within the lavatory. fortunately no one was hurt throughout the emergency, although the caller was doubtless and deservedly terribly embarrassed.

The next time you run out of toilet paper in the bathroom, instead of calling your local emergency number just give us a call at HTD Bidet.  We have a variety of top-of-the-line bidet seats and bidet attachment that can save you from the horrors of being stranded without toilet paper.

 For The next time you run out bathroom toilet issue in your restroom, rather than dial your native emergency ,just need to have a dial to  HTD bidet company. we’ve got a spread of top-of-the-line in bidet toilet seats and bidet toilet attachment that may prevent you from the horrors of being stranded while not toilet tissue.

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