About HTD

  • Team

    Business Team

    Excellent corporate culture to create a successful business team.

    Enterprise Team

    First-class team with scientific and technological strength as support.


    Pragmatic, enterprising, create a professional&efficient corporate team.

    Team Spirit

    Focus on the importance of teamwork and cohesion.

  • Facility

    Injecting Moulding Machine

    Most fully automated production lines meets the demand of market.

    Plastic Injection Molds

    Precise injection mould is the key technologies in the process of rapid developing precise plastic toilet tank parts.

    Gastightness Detector

    100% Quality control goes from production process to non-production process .

    Laser Marking Machine

    Allow for OEM markings of logos, graphics, identification numbers, bar codes, and data matrices.

  • Product Assembly Line

    Assembly Line

    Introduces the full-automatic modernized production line and numerical control and advanced equipment of electrification..

    Production Line

    100% manual inspection on an assembly line.

    Assembly Line

    Company to the most advanced machinery and a dedicated one-stop productionline operation.

    Standardized Production Line

    Has an international standard production equipment and a group of experienced and skilled professionals.

  • Packing Line

    Packaging Methods

    Knows how to package oneself, just as commodity establishes its brand by the right packaging.

    Mode of Packing

    Packing above is standard export carton.

    Integrated management

    The trend of enterprises logistics reform is logistics integration management.


    All the containers must be loaded and unloaded in the specified areas with the whole process be supervised.

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