How to install the HTD Cold Water Bidet Attachment EB7100

Are you still confused how to install Bidet?

Today we’re going to tell you all about our most economical non-electric bidet toilet seat attachment, the HTD-EB7100.

I’ll address some of the most common customer service calls we get and how you can trouble shoot at home.

Direct HTD-EB7100 product info to know more about the details of HTD Cold Bidet Attachment EB7100,With Dual Cleaning Nozzle and Female Cleaning Function.


Marketing Manager: Sally

HTD Bidet Company are trying to spread the word about bidets and improved butt hygiene. Our mission is to educate all who are unfamiliar with bidets on how they can improve health, improve your hygiene and are more Eco-friendly than wasteful toilet paper! Bidets are rising in popularity in the US and we want you to join the movement as well!

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