How HTD Bidet Works ? Why use a HTD Bidet?–HTDSANITARY.COM

Here’s why you should use a HTD bidet and how HTD bidet works. Basically, it sprays your butt with fresh water!

A quick installation guide for your HTD Easy Bidet EB7501 bidet attachment. Shop EB7501,please click here to know more products details: 

1.To install the unit,all you have to do is remove your toilet seat, align the unit holes to the seat holes, put the seat on top of it and then tighten the plastic screws.

2.Then, turn off the water supply valve and flush. Remove the braided water supply hose and replace it with the one supplied in the product (optional.)

3. Plug the supplied “T” to your water tank input, plug the braided hose coming from the supply valve to the “T” and use the other supplied hose to connect “T” to the HTD BIDET.

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